KS3 SATS Maths Papers- For Levels 4-6 and 5-7

How to use these exam papers

Download, print and get your child to do these papers under exam condition (timed, in one go and with no distractions like the tv!). These real papers were set by the exam board and will give your child good practice. We have split each paper into two parts (Part A, Part B) to make the tests shorter and easier to manage.

These are additional resources

We have plenty of other papers that we get students to complete at our centers. Please feel free to use these papers below as additional practice.

Free Exam Papers

Get your child to do the lower level first before moving onto the harder papers.

KS3 Maths 2008 Paper 1 – Tier4-6 – Part A

KS3 Maths 2008 Paper 1 – Tier4-6 – Part B

Need to mark the papers at home? Read notes below.

KS3 Maths 2008 Paper 1 – Tier5-7 – Part A

KS3 Maths 2008 Paper 1 – Tier5-7 – Part B


If your child attends JEMS Tuition then a teacher can mark the paper, set the corrections as homework and give detailed feedback to your child. Otherwise, you can request the mark schemes for free and we will email you the pdf.


If you are having problems opening the file or don’t have Adobe Reader then click here to visit their website.